Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today, May 23, 2010, will live forever as one of the greatest days in my life because I got to see President Thomas S. Monson! The moment I saw him, I could feel the Holy Spirit witness to me that this is indeed the Lord’s Prophet.
Last night, Chris was one of the Captains of Ten at the Temple Cultural Celebration. I wasn’t able to go on Friday night because it was adult education graduation, so Chris sort of snuck me on the field to watch the performance. Then, Chris decided to talk to a man in town that he really looks up to, Mike McEuen, who also happens to be one of the security people for this wonderful weekend. Brother McEuen was nice enough to allow Chris and I to stand just behind him while the Prophet drove up to the events in a golf cart. Even when I could see him from a distance, words cannot convey my excitement. He was interviewing with a TV station, and just to see his face was absolutely amazing. All I could think is, “This is the Lord’s Prophet. I am looking at the Lord’s Prophet!”
Elder Jeffery R. Holland was the first to drive by and I remembered to wave. Then it was President Monson’s turn. When he drove by, he was probably 10 feet from us singing a Spanish song, smiling, and waving. Did I wave? Nope, I was star stuck. I just stood there with smiling and staring. After he passed by, Elder Henry B. Eyring came by. I was also in awe of both of the apostles. They are so happy and their countenance confirms their positions in the church.
President Monson went ahead and went on to the field. I couldn’t make him out amongst the crowd, but I was so happy that I wasn’t worried about it. Everything I could imagine had come to pass plus so much more. He spoke to the audience about a time when he was in grade school and he had gotten in trouble for talking too much in class. The teacher had made him write 75 times, “I will not talk in class.” He found himself in there with his Mexican friend named Lewis. Lewis was there to write, “I will not be late.” President Monson went on to talk about how they were in there for about 10 minutes when a car pulled up outside and honked. Lewis got up and asked the teacher for permission to leave because his dad was outside honking. The teacher excused Lewis, and President Monson said that was when it occurred to him that Lewis didn’t have a car. He says he learned then that Mexican’s aren’t dumb; in fact, they are very smart. It was so funny. He really had the best sense of humor. Later, I was reiterating this story to Ryan, and Ryan says, “Wow, the Prophet got in trouble in class! It would’ve been funny if he had had to write I will sit on the rug when Ms. Stone tells me too.” I think this is Ryan’s first time to feel some sort of relation to the prophet.
He went on to talk to a boy in the audience and show him how he is able to wiggle his ears. He then went on stage and left a special blessing with the youth that were in the performance. The youth went around to prepare, and the Prophet sang the same Spanish song with President Eyring that he had sung when he drove by in the golf cart. . It was hilarious! They are really amazing men. Elder Walker from the seventy was also there as was Elder Costa and Thomas S. Monson’s daughter, Ann M. Dibb. You could tell how much he loved his daughter and how proud he was to have her there.
The youth then went through this entire performance without a hiccup. It was truly spectacular to see almost 2000 young men and women do so well in an excellent performance! Their choreography was terrific and the whole program was done so well. All I could think about was this wonderful opportunity these boys and girls are getting. You could tell that their hard work and efforts were paying off. It was astounding!
We came home that night and I was on an all-time high. My adrenaline was through the roof! I could barely sleep thinking about the wonderful performance and the chance I just got to see the performance. I had no idea that the next day could be any better.
My mom’s visiting teacher had recommended that we go to the cornerstone ceremony on the morning of the dedication because Kiley was not going to be able to attend the dedication (you have to be at least 8 and baptized) and she was really feeling down about the whole thing. So, we decided it was worth a try. My mother-in-law and father-in-law were here visiting and agreed to watch the younger kids so Chris and I could take Kiley, Ryan, and their cousin Sara. We got up early and went down. While we were there, we were standing in a line outside the temple talking with Taleah and Josh (Ryan’s good friend). Chris decided to go to the other side and see if we would have a better view. Once he got over there, he saw the poles with red rope to keep the audience back when the Prophet arrives. We were walking over there when Sister Fletcher from an old ward we were in told the kids to go up and stand by the red rope because the Prophet would be pulling up any minute.
We waited for awhile, but then, there he was. It was the Prophet. He got out of the car and smiled at everyone. Then, he walked over to the other side where people were waiting by the red rope. He talked with them for a bit, and came over to our side.
As he approaches he looks down at Ryan and says, “You better hold on to that post there Tiger.” Then, he asked Ryan what his name was. Ryan said it but it was so soft that you couldn’t hear him. I said it a little louder, and President Monson said, “Ryan.” Then, he looks at the other kids, looks at Kiley, and says, “You must be his sister?” Kiley shook her head and said, “Yes.” And, President Monson says, “What’s your name?” She tells him and he says, “Are you nice to your brother?” and he sort of laughs. Kiley says, “Yes.” The Prophet laughs and goes on to talk to others in the audience.
He waived at Josh Mangum, spoke to others in the crowd, and introduced his daughter. The whole time he was no more than a foot from the kids. It was fantastic and far more than I could’ve ever dreamed about. I have never seen a Prophet of God, and I am so grateful we were able to have this opportunity. I encouraged each of my children to write all they could remember and their feelings in their journal because it would always be one of the most amazing days in their lives.
He came out to do the cornerstone and invited more children from the audience to come up. The whole event was clearly overwhelming for many. I have never seen so many smiling faces. I am so thankful for his presence in my life. When I was baptized, one of the greatest draws to the church was the Prophet. It just made sense to me that God wouldn’t leave us without someone in these days to guide and direct our doings. He wouldn’t give us great books like the Bible and then cease that revelation. I think it is amazing that we are able to have the gospel, the Prophet, and the temple in our midst. Today, the words of that song are ringing truer than ever, “We thank thee, O God, for a prophet to guide us in these latter days.”
And, I love the words by President Gordon B. Hinckley, “How thankful we ought to be, how thankful we are, for a prophet to counsel us in words of divine wisdom as we walk our paths in these complex and difficult times. The solid assurance we carry in our hearts, the conviction that God will make His will known to His children through His recognized servants, is the real basis of our faith and activity. We either have a prophet or we have nothing; and having a prophet, we have everything.”

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I thought I would write up a quick post with some pictures about what's going on here. First here's a picture worth 1,000 words! Bryson really didn't want Jay in the picture, so this is his mad face because Kiley is uncovering him.
Next, Kiley had a birthday party which was tons fun. We borrowed Hope's water slide and the kids had a blast! Here's a picture of all the wet kids that cam to wish her a happy birthday! What a lucky girl to have so many great friends.
Next is a picture of my sweet baby asleep on the couch. All I can say is Look at those cheeks! He is almost to the point of looking uncomfortably fat! Oh it is so cute though!

Finally, here's a picture of our AWESOME garden! You have to understand our excitement. Up to this point the only thing we've ever grown is children. We are not plant friendly! So, imagine our surprise at this terrific garden! We have tons of watermelon and tomatoes, a few cantaloupe, some corn and carrots, and we're hoping for some cucumbers and pumpkins.

We are all well, other than the fact Kiley, Bryson, and I have strep! Yes, it's strep again. But, the weirdest part is I don't feel sick. I just can't swallow because my tonsils are too huge! They are thinking about taking my tonsils out since this is the second time I've had strep in a month! That sound like a good time to me. I've always wanted to get my tonsils out at 27 years old!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A beautiful blessing

Here's Jay looking handsome in his outfit!

They are so cute!

All of the boy cousins minus 1 (we missed you Tanner and Kiley missed Sara)

I love my big BABY!

Chris and his sisters

Jay was finally blessed, and it was perfect. Most of Chris's sisters were able to come down with most of the cousins, and of course, my mom and his parents were here. It was so fun to have them all at the house. Ryan is having a little trouble remembering names and instead just refers to everyone as "Cousin" and "Aunt TJ." We are so grateful for their time here. I will post pictures of our fun day when I can, but for now, here's some pics of the blessing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's going on?

First of all let me post some pictures of Bryson. He is turning out to be one heck of a two year old. The first few pics are of Bryson on the counter eating frosting, and spreading frosting, and wiping frosting in the cupboards, and sticking frosting in the utensil holder, and doing anything else with frosting to make his mommy cry! The next picture is again of Bryson on the counter, but this time doing his favorite pastime - dumping the very expensive baby formula all over. Let me tell you this was a lighter occasion. I'm not sure what I will do with this child of mine. Good thing he's cute!

Next, we have a picture of my fat fat baby Jay. HE IS ADORABLE! We had to postpone his blessing last month because Ryan was sick. We are rescheduling, so I thought I'd better check and see if the blessing outfit still fit. We didn't even get the shirt around him, but here's the vest so you get the idea! TOO CUTE! Thanks to Jonathan and Sara for lending us a bigger one.

Finally there is a picture of my handsome crazy Ryan right before preschool graduation. I can't believe it's already time for him to go to kindergarten! Where does the time go? I love this sweet boy and I will really miss him next year.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mama Bear

Today, I wonder if I did the right thing. The mama bear came out in me, and it wasn't pretty. Our family went to Kaden's baptism, but decided not to go to the BBQ so Jay wouldn't be in the heat and wind. Hope was nice enough to take Kiley and Ryan to the BBQ, and told me to pick them up later. That's where this begins.

As I'm leaving I get this funny feeling (a.k.a. the Spirit) inside to stay near my kids. I look around, get out of the car, check on them one more time, and finally decide to quit being paranoid and go. I get a block away and the prompting to go back worsens. I tell Chris and my mom, I'm going back to the house we'll switch cars, and I'm going to stay with the older kids. I tell them about my feeling, and as I'm heading up the street to our house, Chris suggests I go back now they'll come back and get me. I flip a U and head back to the park. I'm convinced by now something is wrong when I get a phone call from Hope. She tells me that some kid punched Ki in the face and her lip is busted!

Well, to say the least, I freak out. I get to the park, jump out of the car, see the blood and over react. Yeah, I said blood. Kiley lip is bleeding and fat! I ask Kiley why she hit her and question if Ki did anything to provoke it. She says no, and I believe her (she's just not a fighter). I go looking for the girl get in a HUGE run in with her mother. We stand face to face; I was sure I was getting hit, but she didn't. She acts like it's no big deal "their just seven year olds", is she kidding? I yell at her that she needs to watcher kid a little better (who by the way has the punishment of sitting on a blanket drinking her soda - Yeah, I'm sure that'll fix the problem). I immediately understand why the daughter is this way judging from the mother's reaction. She yells at me and asks what I'm teaching my kid by confronting the mother, and I say I'm teaching her to stand up to bullies and not just get hit in the face. It finally gets over. The adrenaline rush is making me shake. Then I'm left to question my reaction.

On one hand I firmly believe in teaching your kids to stand up for themselves. Which Kiley isn't great at especially considering this is the second time this year she's been hit by someone and just taken it. But, then I think, did I teach her a lesson in standing up for herself or a lesson in anger? I'm still not sure. I know I would have been much calmer if the mother had even seemed concerned about the situation, but her lack of reaction, immediate anger, and invasion of space left me defensive. I don't know what came over me, but I lost it. Now, I'm sorry in one way and not in another. I don't know.

Then, I became so proud of Kiley. As we get the whole story, it turns out the girls threatened to beat up Ryan, and Kiley, Kamri, and Kenzi came to the rescue. Kiley told the girl she was not hitting her little brother, and Kiley took it instead. I asked if she felt okay about her decision, and she said, "Well, I my lip hurts and I was a little scared, but I would've felt worse if she would've hurt Ryan." Chris told a story of his sister, TJ, standing up for him when he was a kid, and watching his face I could tell that still meant a lot to him. Ryan told Ki that she rocks, and I am so proud of the way she took it for him. It was one of those times I wished for a sibling. I'm also proud of Kaden, Kamri, and Kenzi for standing up to the girl.

I wish I would've reacted a little better, and looking back, I can think of much better ways to teach the lesson I wanted to teach, but what's done is done, and the moral of the story is - Don't mess with mama bear's cub!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Right after I have a baby I become the freak of worry, so this swine flu has got me all freaked out! First my grandad calls a few nights ago telling me about this flu he saw on the news. I admit I laughed at how concerned he was. I love older people and CNN. Then, my mom calls yesterday and gets me a little concerned. Now, I'm worried.

I hate germs. Yes, I guess I would call myself a bit of a germaphobe. I'm not too concerned about myself, but I incessantly worry about my children. So, tonight when Kiley comes in complaining of a sore throat and running a fever, I am trying hard to not loose sight of what is real to look at what is worry. I could use words of encouragement, so feel free to post any uplifting thoughts. I'm sure she's fine. Obviously, she hasn't been to Mexico, and I think she would be a whole lot sicker, but still I'm worried.

If you haven't heard of swine flu here's a link to an article about it, but if you worry like I do, forget I said anything and chalk it up to watching too much CNN.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maybe I'm crazy

Okay, if you read my last post, you know that I was a bit stressed out yesterday. I was tired of everyone being sick, and I was tired of worrying. Well, I'm happy to report, we all got a bit more sleep last night, no one threw up, and we woke up to a good morning. But, I feel for humor's sake and just to laugh at my own afternoon/evening, I should share the happenings of yesterday.

As I said in the previous post, I am suffering from lack of sleep. Well, Deano was down for a nap, the baby was asleep, Kiley was in bed with her stomach bug, and I saw a great opportunity to turn the TV on for Ryan put in his new favorite movie Bolt and enjoy a nap for myself. Before I begin this story, keep in mind, Ryan absolutely knows the rules of the house; he's almost 5.

I laid down, and after about an hour, I heard the TV turn off, and I figured Ryan turned it off because he was doing something else or he fell asleep and Kiley turned it off. Kiley was in my room getting a movie, so I asked if Dean was still sleeping, and she said yes. I fall back asleep and wake up about 20 minutes later to the sound of the bathtub running! Of course, taking a bath while I sleep is a big no no in my house for obvious reasons of drowning, but I figure it must be Kiley who I know would be okay. Still, I'm not thrilled; so, I start heading that way.

As I come out of the bedroom, I realize the back door is standing wide open and Bryson is heading out. Great, someone was an escapee. Not to mention, all the bugs etc. who have come in. I holler out the door and yell to see if it's Kiley or Ryan is outside. Kiley yells back from her room, so that only leaves my dear sweet Ryan who, by the way, isn't responding to my calls. I remember the running water and head to the bathroom which I find conveniently locked! ArRgH! I bang on the door and scream loud enough for the neighbors to hear, for that dear boy to, "Open the dang door." He obeys and opens the door at which point I see what could only be Ryan covered in mud. Not only is he covered in mud but the whole bathroom seems to have gone with him outside. Mud in the sink, on the bathtub, and all over the floor leads to this discussion.

Me: Why are you drawing a bath.
Ryan: Because I'm covered in mud.
Me: Why are you covered in mud.
Ryan: Because I made mud in the garden and played in it.
Me: Are you supposed to be outside while I was sleeping?
Ryan: No, but I didn't want to ask you.
Me: Should you get in the bath when I"m sleeping?
Ryan: No, but I was trying to get clean before you woke up.

More useless conversation results in Ryan getting grounded, crying for a long time, and more yelling for the neighbors entertainment. During this time, Bryson decides a bath is a good idea and starts getting in to join Ryan. As his takes his diaper off POO goes flying all over the bathroom. Oh CRAP! I lay him down to try and wipe him down and poo goes all over the bathmat!

I get ANOTHER load of laundry started with the new muddy poopy mess, I get the bathroom cleaner to take care of the bathroom, and go to bathe these dear boys of mine. When I reach in the water to get the washrag, I realize the water is the temperature of the sun and an entire bottle of baby soap has been used by the first dear boy to wash.

More frustrated cries on my part result in Jay waking up and screaming along with his brothers. I get the two older boys out of the tub and go to Jay's rescue. He too has pooped again! Remember my wiping dilemma and the brilliant idea to spray him off instead? That was foolish. I attempt it, make a huge mess, Clorox the sink, and get another bright idea. I decide to sit down and hold Jay with no diaper to let his cheeks "air out a bit." I mean he just pooped, it should be safe. Right? Wrong! The poop machine goes off. Luckily, I have him on a blanket, so it wasn't too bad, but it's still more poop.

At this point I just begin to laugh! I know it sounds crazy, but I am so grateful to be here with these great kids of mine and enjoy the crazy life we have together. I have been struggling a lot lately with the idea of needing to go back to work. If I find and need to take a job, I Know I will terribly miss this. When I say that my dear husband cracks up and swears I'm crazy! Maybe I am!